The Additive Hiding in Dairy-Free Foods

Is carrageenan listed as an ingredient in your almond milk, dairy-free cheese or coconut icecream? Most people these days know there is controversy around the safety of the flavour enhancer MSG (additive #621 or monosodium glutamate). Although I had no idea back in my uni days until I had a flatmate who reacted to soy … Continue reading The Additive Hiding in Dairy-Free Foods

Why Sometimes Sugar Wins!

A shock coming from me - I know! We do try to limit the amount of sugar in our house, especially refined sugar. But there are some circumstances where other considerations matter more!!! I still remember the day. We were in the middle of our 2 1/2 year long ADHD diagnosis journey with our son … Continue reading Why Sometimes Sugar Wins!

When Your Partner Isn’t On The Wellness Wagon With You

Gosh this blog post has been written and rewritten and is now taking an angle I hadn't envisaged when I first started it. It's been healing in fact - as writing can be... It was going to address the fact that as a nutrition coach I struggle with my husband not following my passion for … Continue reading When Your Partner Isn’t On The Wellness Wagon With You

Holiday Fuel For Your Body

It's so much easier to stick to healthy eating when you're at home. It's when you go out for lunch, those shared meals, or when you head away on holiday that things get trickier! Here's some tips to help you get through!! Shared Meals It's far too easy to overeat when you're attending a bring-a-plate … Continue reading Holiday Fuel For Your Body

No Artificial Flavours. Really?

A perfect example of why you need to read the ingredients list! A while ago I decided to buy some flavoured crackers (yes - made with white flour, which we hardly ever do, but that's the beauty of a 90/10 philosophy). I was in a rush and spotted some Arnott's Shapes with "No Artificial Flavours" marketed … Continue reading No Artificial Flavours. Really?

BMI Isn’t Everything

I shared on social media the other weekend that I got a bit of a shock when I calculated my BMI and it was 24.2; too close to the overweight category for my liking. It would take a three kilogram gain to reach that status, which isn't likely to creep up on me like the … Continue reading BMI Isn’t Everything

Creating A Forest With Fermented Foods

Over the past month a focus in our house has been improving the health of our guts. Everyone now knows that having a healthy gut has benefits other than good digestion! Gut health has been linked to skin issues, immunity, thyroid health, brain disorders - including ADHD (not that I consider this a disorder), weight … Continue reading Creating A Forest With Fermented Foods