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Hi. I’m Rachael – mama bear of two and nutrition educator, specialising in children’s diet for learning and behaviour. My son is twice exceptional (2e): highly gifted with ADHD and dysgraphia, and my daughter has dyslexia.

As well as thorough research during our own family’s journey, I have studied through Well College Global (formerly Cadence Health) with certificates completed in:

  • Human Nutrition
  • Psychology, Behaviour Change and Wellbeing Management
  • Early Nutrition (Birth to Adolescence)

Nutrition is an evolving area and I continue to stay up-to-date with the latest research. I share some of this through my blog.

I am based in Invercargill, but my coaching service and Fueling our Fireflies course are available across New Zealand.

I am proud to have USANA Health Sciences as my product partner.

I found Rachael very helpful when going through a tough time trying to sort out nutrition and general motivation. She was patient, knew her products really well and gave some real and interesting suggestions regarding meals and foods and organising the pantry. All of which have worked well. She has also put me in touch with other experts which also worked well. The sessions we had were affordable and I appreciated the time.

Auriette Gilmour

I found this programme very useful. Rachael is a down-to-earth mumma, who is experiencing challenges similar to my own family. The information given in the program is easy to understand. There is no ‘waffling’ it is pure information to help you incorporate better nutrition into your own families lifestyle. Thank you!

Nicola Hayward (Fueling our Fireflies participant)

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