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Hi. I’m Rachael – mother of two and nutrition coach in training. I specialise in children’s diet for learning and behaviour. (My son is 2e: highly gifted with ADHD and dysgraphia, and my daughter has dyslexia). I also love helping mums feel super again; particularly with energy to keep up with their kids and mental health.

I am based in Invercargill, but my coaching services are available via video calling across New Zealand.

I gained a Certificate of Nutrition from Cadence Health in 2016 and plan to complete their Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health Coaching in 2020.

Nutrition is an evolving area and I continue to stay up-to-date with the latest research. I share some of this through my blog.

I am proud to have USANA Health Sciences as my product partner.

I found Rachael very helpful when going through a tough time trying to sort out nutrition and general motivation. She was patient, knew her products really well and gave some real and interesting suggestions regarding meals and foods and organising the pantry. All of which have worked well. She has also put me in touch with other experts which also worked well. The sessions we had were affordable and I appreciated the time.

Auriette Gilmour

What a wonderful friendly person Rachael is. As a family we were heavy and I had a child who was extremely busy. Rachael talked me through foods that would help us all. The most beneficial thing for me was going around my local supermarket and learning best buys for our family. Because I learn visually this was great. I could remember packaging. Whenever I forgot Rachael was very accommodating when I sent her pics from the supermarket. Rachael’s knowledge and willingness to help has been outstanding…. Thanks heaps.

Melinda Meikle

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